mercoledì 13 marzo 2013


Los Angeles may be a centerpiece of musical excellence, but the Pacific Northwest is home to a caliber of talent that borders on outrageous. Rock enthusiasts and Seattleites familiar with Jeff Angell’s burning blues guitar & vocals in The Missionary Position will find an irresistible gravity in the collective musical caliber and dynamics of Walking Papers. Buoyed powerfully by the thundering drums of Barrett Martin from Screaming Trees and legendary bassist Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses, Loaded and more, the band has quickly proven themselves to be among the more promising musical gems of the post-Mayan Apocalypse era with a new album earning high marks in Rock circles and a smoldering live show that serves as ample evidence of the seasoned rockers’ abilities.
There’s a fiery gravity and growl to contend with on Walking Papers’ more front-loaded aggressive side, while a gorgeous, smoky blues thread counters the hard rock impact with a groove-driven sound buoyed by Duff’s rumbling bass and Martin’s percussive versatility. Benjamin Anderson rounds out the lineup with a flourish of keys that gives the production a more classic feel, adding nuanced color to the ample musical firepower.
The band’s debut self-titled album was released last October, and also features Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, whose work with Martin goes back to their collaboration on the cherished Mad Season record. The band’s collective “workshop” method of songwriting helped propel the musicianship on the album to its highest potential – though it certainly didn’t hurt to have PJ’s lead axeman laying down solos on two tracks.
When Walking Papers rolled through Los Angeles last month in support of the album, Antiquiet performed the proper assortment of occult rituals and sacrifices to pull the guys into the studio for an exclusive Antiquiet Session.

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