domenica 10 marzo 2013

Scott Weiland - New York at Irving Plaza 9 March 2013

Scott Weiland challenged a fan to a fight at his show last night in New York at Irving Plaza. The fan had been heckling Weiland. Weiland called out the fan to come on stage, “So you’re fuckin’ pulling that fuckin’ like gun shit off on me? Then come up and meet me one on one man. You play tough guy from an audience behind a barricade. [talking to security guard regarding fighting him] I’d love to. Yeah, that guy. Trust me. And just don’t forget it guys like you fuckin’ waste your money. I mean, actually, let him stay here, and just get all fuckin’ riled up. He won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

You can watch video of the incident below. If the embedded video doesn’t work click here to watch it.

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