lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Nicole Forentino about next Smashing Pumpkins album

In a recent question & answer session with fans via her Facebook page Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino said the following:

Regarding new Pumpkins material & the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins album:

Nicole: Yes we are working on new music now.
Nicole: Yeah i think we would do another double album.
Nicole: it is not unlikely that dream machine will be on next record.

On the latest Smashing Pumpkins touring news:

Nicole: Hmmm, not sure about VIP for Europe. I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t.
Nicole: Yeah we will do another full scale US tour again, just doing the south now because we skipped it last year.
Nicole:  I’m sure we will be back in SA. we love playing there. however after the euro tour we will be focusing on recording.
Nicole: We’ve only played quiet at the VIP shows. i would love to play it at a show though, great song. so fun.

On her band “The Cold & the Lovely” and her solo career:

Nicole: Cold and lovely is so much fun. i love playing with my girls and it is an honor to play with such amazing musicians. Meg has got more talent in her pinky finger than most artists out there these days.
Nicole: Yeah I really want to do a solo album. I think i will focus on that the next time I have a break, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon!

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