lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Jerry Cantrell reveals new Alice in Chains song titles

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Alice In Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell discussed Alice In Chains’ upcoming new album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

“We made a unique record that’s completely different from anything we ever did,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It encapsulates a period of time, like all records do. You see growth and that the band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven’t been to before, but we haven’t lost our identity.”

“We’re trying to make a record that we dig and we’re trying to keep the bar high for ourselves and see if we can get past it, and I think that we did again. And of course you want people to dig it too and to respond to it, and to have that start happening is satisfying.”

New song titles:
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Lab Monkey

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