mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

SiXX AM - “This Is Gonna Hurt” Paperback out TODAY in the UK!

– A glimpse into the mind of a rock star, from behind his own camera –

Bestselling author, photographer, musician, and radio host of internationally syndicated radio program, “Sixx Sense”, which can be found on Kerrang! Radio every Thursday from 9pm, Nikki Sixx is back with the high quality, full colour paperback edition of his New York Times bestselling book, THIS IS GONNA HURT: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx (William Morrow Paperbacks / March, 2013 /9780062061881 /£12.99).

Looking for a medium to replace the drugs he had used for so many years, Nikki Sixx picked up a camera and began capturing his vision of hope. THIS IS GONNA HURT features many of the photos of what he considers beautiful: a young prostitute, a morbidly obese woman, a homeless man with one arm. Sixx’s talent for photography is undeniable; many of the photos in the book were created utilizing the handcrafted individuality process of wet plate photography.

His idea is to question & challenge society’s established beauty ideals through displaying beauty in a non-traditional way. His hope is to inspire fans the way he has been inspired, and show how he is able to live a vibrant life post-addiction.

This is not a typical post-addiction memoir; for the first time, Sixx is giving readers a glimpse into living the rock star life without drugs. Filled with colour photographs he’s taken himself and stories he’s written himself, THIS IS GONNA HURT is an honest look at his life, through his own camera lens. The book is the companion piece to Sixx:A.M.’s highly successful CD of the same name.

Check out “This Is Gonna Hurt: The Documentaries” on YouTube!

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