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Here are some fan reviews commented regarding Scott Weiland’s performance last night in New Brunswick, New Jersey:

Sklashboombash commented the following review on Belowempty:

“Ok. Here’s my two cents.  Contrary to recent reports, Scott’s vocals weren’t bad. Was he the best he’s been? No. But he sang pretty well. We all know his voice has gotten more and more nasally over the years, so he kept on that path. There were a couple of botched lyrics, but again, nothing new…and nothing atrocious either. He talked plenty in between songs, sometimes too much for the crowd’s restlessness.  He even brought up the Slash & Rob jam with Aerosmith. You can hear it in his voice, it bothered him It was sad at times to hear him talk about STP memories, about what those songs mean to him all the while none of those guys are standing there with him. Which brings me to the next point…his band.  Oh my! Scott’s performance with a GOOD band would’ve resulted in a good evening. These guys are just not that good. The drummer constantly missed cues. Doug over plays on EVERY SONG. Jeez!!!!! Give it a rest. Not every song is meant to have a lead guitar noodling all throughout.  If you’re going to play STP songs, then, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you HAVE TO LEARN HOW THEY GO. I’m all about trying something different and re-imagining a song, but this was not that. A talent like Scott Weiland (who’s sold millions of records and played with the level of talent that he has in STP & VR) should have no issue getting real professional musicians in a band. How is it possible that he doesn’t realize what this sounds like?  Shows like this, despite HIS performance not being bad, really hurt his legacy, reputation and do nothing for his already tainted public perception. Tonight, it wasn’t his fault. This band of his shoulders 100% of the blame. With all that said, to be fair, there were some highlights.  I thought Kitchenware & Candybars, Jean Genie & Paralysis were some of the better tunes, as a whole. Again, Scott sounded pretty consistent. But there’s only so much he can do to save the sloppy band behind him.  For all the flack that Axl gets for his band of guns for hire (no pun intended), like it or hate it, at least he went out and got guys that could play the songs properly.  And you’re right, when we’re used to having the (as you called them) masters play these songs, most would pale in comparison, but even something like Roadhouse Blues was butchered. ”

CoreurpletinyNo4Shangriy commented this review on Belowempty:

“I just got home from seeing Scott (and the Wildabouts) at the State Theatre.I am still in (blind) confusion. To say something though, I feel bad for Scott, My favorite frontman ever. The band is made up of talented musicians, and Scott’s voice was top notch tonight, but something about the set and the theater atmosphere filled with ass-holes, really brought the mood down. I did not enjoy this show as much as I anticipated. When I looked back, I saw empty seats and people yelling foul things to Scott and the band. They even got a new drummer for whatever reason (Original Wildabouts Drummer was Sick? Quit the band?). Scott went on rambles after each song, and the audience HATED that. I could not understand a word coming out of his mouth because of all the boos and putdowns. Scott should NOT be doing STP songs live with his band either, especially at a theater venue. It just seemed depressing hearing watered down versions of STP songs. The band really only performs solo/covers well. Scott should really do his solo material and focus more on a new record, and try to build this band from the ground up. Relying on the past will NOT get him anywhere. I know for a fact that 75% of the people in that venue lost respect for Scott. It is quite heartbreaking for me knowing that Scott’s legacy is coming down fast. I even heard that Scott had to be carried to his tour RV after the show tonight. He did seem very loopy on-stage. Not a drunk type though. Not going to jump to conclusions here but… Read between the lines.  That’s all I have to say. If Scott comes to a bar or venue like the Stone Pony again touring for his new “Punk” album, I’ll go and see him. If he continues “Purple to the Core”, even a diehard fan like me will not go. It saddens me, and I’m sure it saddens Scott deep down inside too.”

Christina Stanley Salerno commented this review on Scott Weiland’s official Facebook page:

“The show in NJ was awesome. cant say the same about the crowd. thanks for being u. you rocked it, regardless. Congrats on your engagement.”

Bryan commented this review on

“Good show. Scott seemed sincere and was trying to tell some of the story behind the songs and people were so rude. One jackass behind me kept yelling for Sin. I’ve seen STP and Scott solo many times and this crowd may take the cake for the biggest bunch of pricks and that’s even after the Grammercy show where all people wanted to hear was STP.”

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