venerdì 1 marzo 2013

Mike McCready & Barret Martin reveal the original plans for Mad Season’s second Album ‘Disinformation’

In a new interview with Billboard, Mike McCready and Barrett Martin discussed the original plan for Mad Season’s second album Disinformation. They said that they began work on the album in 1996 but Layne Staley and John Baker Saunders became increasingly difficult to get ahold of.

McCready discussed one of the new songs on the reissue, “‘Slip Away,’ which I wrote, was kind of my feeling at the time how [Mad Season] was slipping away,” McCready says. “The guitar solo at the end of that, you can hear the pain that’s in that. That’s my pain of how this whole thing was all falling apart when Baker and Layne were dying… Mark put lyrics to that and they mean something different now… but I’m getting a little deep in to what the lead is. You’ll listen to it and you’ll hear pain.”

McCready also discussed getting Mark Lanegan involved with the process, “The original plan when we were working on that second record was that Mark was going to be much more involved in co-writing songs and this is what Layne wanted,” Martin says. When the reissue idea surfaced, “we sent him all 17 basic tracks… I said, ‘here’s what we have, is there anything on there you felt compelled to write some lyrics and sing on. And he picked three! More than we expected.”

Barrett Martin said, “I don’t want to speak for Mark, because they’re his words, but it’s his tribute to Layne and Baker. He knew those guys very well. He was one of Layne’s best friends.”

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