mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

The new immortals: PEARL JAM - RollingStone

- RollingStone - Not many bands could have survived the crushing success that Pearl Jam had on their debut album, Ten. The 1991 disc catapulted them from an unknown Seattle grunge outfit to MTV and radio gods, selling millions of records along the way and turning Eddie Vedder into an icon of his generation. Living up to that initial burst of success would have been impossible, so the band didn't even try. They stopped making videos, refused to tour with Ticketmaster, shied away from the media and did everything they could to scale back. They focused all their efforts instead on making great rock records and building one of the most devoted cult audiences in rock – and keeping their fans satisfied with marathon concerts whose set lists varied wildly from night to night. Pearl Jam might not ever land another "Jeremy" on the charts, but more than two decades after Ten, they can still instantly sell out any arena in the country.

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